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Updated July 2024
Discover the secrets of Old Lyon!
Avoid the tourist traps!

The beautiful city of Lyon is a tough nut to crack, with very few resources in English! And unfortunately our mysterious Old Town, or Vieux Lyon, is full of tourist traps full of cheap souvenirs and frozen, greasy food. But it also is full of wonderful gems, that I can lead you to!

From a local history buff, chef, and wine expert.

This guide is growing all the time, it has 40+ must visit spots in the Lyon's magical Old Town, including a list of some of the most spectacular secret passageways, or Traboules, as well as other must-view landmarks.

This list of course includes restaurants, wine bars, pubs, bakeries, coffee, and ice cream recommendations. And a few cute boutiques!

The Lyon Old Town Secrets Guide is a google map that you can download straight into your phone, with my notes included!

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About the author, Caroline Conner

I'm a wine expert and chef who's lived in Lyon since 2017, and I make it my business to know what's good! I made this guide for you because I know there's not a lot of great information online and I want to make sure everyone who visits falls as much in love with Lyon as I have.