August in Lyon
not everything is closed!
80 + Locations in a handy Google map with notes!
Discover the best restaurants, bars, pubs, cafés, and bakeries in Lyon that are OPEN IN AUGUST!

I'm Caroline Conner, a wine expert who runs Lyon Wine Tastings.  I've lived here since 2017 and I love to eat and drink.

August is crazy in Lyon and the majority of the good places are closed as the whole city goes on vacation.

Sure, the tourist traps stay open, but who wants to get trapped in one of those?

This list is my personal guide with real recommendations from a real local who is a foodie and wino.

Add my Local's Guide to Lyon's Old Town Secrets

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  • Includes the only restaurants and bars which are not crappy tourist traps
  • Easy to use Google Map format 
  • 24+ locations
  • Shares my favorite "traboules" which are medieval secret passageways
Came here for the food? Horrified to find that everything is closed in
August? I've got you covered my friend, I've got you covered.
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You don't have to wander around an empty city getting hangry!

Lyon Local's Guide to August€7

70+ places that are open in August

Easy to download Google Map format

My personal notes on each place

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